Introduction to The AARU ePlatform

The world is destined inevitably towards e-learning, which has spread very strongly in European countries and America, in response to the conditions of the new business environment and the development in communications technology and the Internet
Catching and overcoming is the next horizon for eLearning at the academic, professional, professional and training degrees
eLearning is the penetration of awareness and education to all classes and the spread of culture inside and outside the country, which will be the umbrella and even the means that unites the original ideas and concepts at the level of the Arab world
Hence the ePlatform of the AARU came to embody and unite efforts at the level of Arab universities, and to provide the latest technology and systems in this field
Partnership and membership to this platform is open to all interested universities, which will save effort, expertise and even cost for the partner university. Together, we are moving into a new era in higher education